Serving Information

The CELLECT Dietary Supplement includes 1 container of powder, plus 1 bottle of Cod Liver Oil Soft Gels. They provide 30 servings, 1 serving daily for a month.

Serving Suggestions: One serving daily or as directed by your health professional. For maximum absorption, it is suggested to take the supplement with meals; not on an empty stomach.

Unflavored Powder - 17.7 grams per serving - (17.7 gram scoop in container)

One Serving equals 1 level scoop + 3 cod liver oil soft gels

Use "one LEVEL scoop" per serving, NOT heaping, otherwise there will not be enough for 30 servings.

Separate bottle of Cod Liver Oil includes:
90 soft gels / 30 servings per bottle.
(3 soft gels per serving)

It is important to choose Chemical-Free foods that have not been engineered, preserved, processed or altered from their natural state. Organic foods are the most nutritious. Choose NON-GMO, organic vegetables and fruits (grown in organic soil without pesticides and/or chemicals). Local farm stands can often provide the best quality of fruits & vegetables. Most chain stores have fruits & vegetables that are grown hydroponic and/or genetically modified (GMO) and are lacking important nutrients. Local butchers have the most pure meats without chemicals. Cookies & cakes made from pure organic ingredients are okay (from a local bakery or home-made is best).

Each serving includes 1 scoop powder + 3 cod liver oil soft gels

Each Kit contains 30 servings of CELLECT and Cod Liver Oil